What Is a Plant-Based Diet?

Source – Meatless Monday: What Is a Plant-Based Diet?

Becky’s Easy Microwave Eggplant

Sometimes I want something fast, without turning on the oven to heat up the apartment or suck all the moisture from the air. I love eggplant and have come up with this easy dish!

In a round, covered casserole, layer/arrange the following:

Portions of your favorite plant-based sauce in the bottom & then between layers

Raw spinach

Eggplant, sliced into rounds (additional option: zucchini, sliced the long way)

Portobello mushroom slices

Peppers, sweet red or green, sliced

Onion and/or garlic, chopped

Top with plant-based cheese (my current fave is Miyoko’s) or sliced tofu dusted with cayenne red pepper (I love the dry texture of Hodo tofu). Optional topping: sliced black olives, drained.

Cover and cook in the microwave for 15 minutes. So easy and yummy!

62 thoughts on “What Is a Plant-Based Diet?

  1. This sounds good. Speaking of eggplant: A couple of years ago I became obsessed with eggplant parm. I had it many times at a total of around ten restaurants. I still eat it fairly often, but much less frequently than before.

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      1. I will but it will oven baked , Becky as for personal reasons I don’t own or use a microwave and haven’t done for years 🙂 but I’m sure it will be equally as delicious just not quite so quick x

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  2. This sounds yummy! Unfortunately, I do not have a microwave(!), but it’s easy enough to work around. I’ve heard so many good things about the Myoko’s “cheese” – I’ll have to stop in to the health food store when I’m next in that area. I like eggplant, too, but usually when it’s prepared for me. LOL

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  3. This sounds delish, Becky!
    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a teenager. Best decision I ever made – health wise and spiritually. I love animals, and the thought of killing them and eating them makes me sick, angry and sad.
    I was vegan for …ever, but had some health issues. Eating a little dairy has corrected that… and I mean VERY little.
    I make sure the little I do eat comes from free range farms where the animals are treated decently. It costs more, but worth the peace of mind. The place I buy from has maps of the small local farms, and all are welcome to come by and visit during weekdays, and regular hours.

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      1. I was heavily influenced in my teens by “health food” friends, who avoided meat. That was a good start. Thing is, I never missed/craved eating meat, chicken, fish. It was natural. Not eating sugar also came easy. I wish I had learned that earlier.

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  4. Hi Becky
    I tried what I called meatless raw diet. A very expensive diet in Jamaica but also very needed. I could not afford to do it for more than 4 days but my body felt lighter and even the wastes smiled better (hope I did not gross out any one). I recommend doing so at least one week out of the month more often based on your financial ability. Great post.

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