My Writing – Fiction

 For Kids

girl at beachsumac-640x480                  school 1950's

I’ve begun the query process for my short story about a young girl’s experience with elephants and for a picture book about a young boy in 1930’s Michigan. He fears that his father will make a poisonous mistake with his plan for a beverage concocted with the help of something that grows in their yard!

My second draft for a chapter book about a girl growing up in a small town is complete. To say that this child is a “worrier” is an understatement, and the challenges she faces present themselves at every turn. I’ll be working on edits for this one as I begin another book in the same series!

For Adults

“Slip of the Lip,” my short fiction, appears in the 2018 edition of the U.P. Reader

UP Reader 2nd Edition

My short story, “Romantivores,” in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Ellery Queen








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