Fight Climate Change with Your Fork: Meatless Monday

Source: Pixabay

Extreme weather, rising sea levels, and species extinctions are all signs of climate change. Many scientists agree that greenhouse gases are a major threat. What can we each do to make a difference? Fight climate change with your fork! The livestock industry contributes about 14.5% of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans, which is even more than those brought about by transportation. Tweaking our diets away from animal products and towards plant-based eating is one way we can each help!

Source: Pixabay

Check out Meatless Monday for more details about the following:

*Adopting Meatless Monday

*Eating more plant-based meals

*Reducing food waste


*Eating sustainable foods

And make sure to use the links for great recipe ideas!

43 thoughts on “Fight Climate Change with Your Fork: Meatless Monday

  1. I love that you stated the impact of eating meat so simply. Most people do not “get” that eating meat is a significant factor in climate change. (Not to mention the other downsides, but that’s another topic.) Go Meatless Monday!! ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿ†๐Ÿฅ”

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  2. My dad does this. I’m sure the alliteration helps! We have meatless other days too. Interesting to think about the healthiness of the food itself – for us and the planet it’s better if it’s not processed and packaged but, I know, step by step. Am going to look at the recipes!

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    1. That’s great to know, Maria! Oh, and I just finished your wonderful book. “The Chicken Soup Murder.” I loved it and felt almost like I was living right there in the neighborhood, sharing all those events. Your writing is beautiful.


      1. Oh thank you so much, Becky. This means a lot to me. ‘The Chicken Soup Murder’ is set in a fictional version of Bridport, my home town in Dorset, England, where I grew up and where I live now – though in 2012 I was living in Wales! Am so grateful you bought my book and so pleased you enjoyed it.

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  3. That photo is hilarious!
    I’m quite happy many are trying to go a day a week without meat.
    Once one gets a bit away from it, it’s easy to get further away. This first thing is noticing how light the digestive system feels.
    Every day of my life has been meatless, since teenager-hood.
    There is so much great food to eat, at least for those of us in richer countries, that I don’t know how anyone has the stomach capacity to eat meat.
    Keep up the Meatless Mondays, Becky!

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  4. I like my meat and I resent the push to cull all cattle and wreck the livelihoods of farmers.
    Iโ€™d rather fight climate change by advocating for net zero population. Weโ€™re growing exponentially and using up natural resources at a rate of knots. Iโ€™d rather fight climate change by closing down airlines. Think of the emissions that would be saved. Obviously the worldโ€™s leaders currently meeting at Glasgow donโ€™t give it a thought. Iโ€™d rather fight climate change by banning the production and use of renewables, ironically being pedalled by one of the worlds greatest emitters. Also, ironically, the world will have to find a way to recycle these unrecyclable renewables, millions of them, when theyโ€™ve reached their shelf life.

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    1. Hello! Yes, there are many different ways to fight climate change. This is just one. I don’t think that slaughtering all cattle was suggested, here. And if our climate continues to go downhill, the farmers who are trying to grow crops may lose their livelihoods, anyway!

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