21 Ways You Can Eat More Plant-based Foods in 2021!

Check out 21 tips for incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet in 2021. Arm yourself with this toolbelt of techniques, pantry staples, swaps, gadgets, and apps!

Source: 21 Ways You Can Eat More Plant-based Foods in 2021

Many bloggers have mentioned this as a goal for the coming months. Hopefully these ideas will help!     ~Becky

42 thoughts on “21 Ways You Can Eat More Plant-based Foods in 2021!

  1. OK, I’ll bite! LOL. The world should do Meatless Monday – it’s such an easy idea. I am happy to say, after checking out that list of tips, that I already do many of them, but there are a few that would make my life a little happier and easier on the veg side. Thanks, Becky!

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  2. A good share Becky I received my email some great ideas some I already do, some I will explore and some which for me are a no BUT something for everyone which is great…Take care and stay safe 🙂 x

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    1. I tend to agree, KC. I don’t feel the need to eat food and pretend it’s something else. It can look like a burger, but I know and taste what’s in it. In fact, I sometimes use a broken up pre-prepared bean burger to add extra flavor to a stew or chili.

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  3. There are so many great recipes out there. If anyone is into more gourmet-style vegan cooking and baking, my favorite website is: bunnysbite.com Also, I can personally attest that hummus helped me survive cheese deprivation 🙂 Meatless Monday is a great goal for 2021!

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    1. Hey Mary Jo, do you happen to know any good hummus recipes without garlic? I love hummus (and garlic), but I never want to bring hummus to work because my coworkers won’t like being around me with garlic-breath!

      Also that site has some amazing-sounding recipes! 🙂

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  4. YES!!! I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 17. Best thing I ever did for myself physically and spiritually.
    Finally, a bunch of the rest of the world is catching up. 😀

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