Meat-Free Thanksgiving

If you’re planning to skip the meat this holiday, you might want to check out these great ideas from Patsy Kelly at Tuesday’s Horse!    ~Becky

Tuesday's Horse

Beautiful turkey bird. Beautiful turkey bird.

Hello there Vegan comrades.

I have been inundated with requests and there is not space here to address them all, nor do you have the time to scroll through such a list!

You have had two overwhelming popular requests: More main course ideas, more side course ideas.

My go to is always Vegan Richa (as you have probably noticed). I have never had a recipe of hers go wrong. Never! I am a fair cook but not a great one and her recipes are easy to follow and make.



Richa writes:

18 Vegan Thanksgiving Mains Recipes! Easy Lentil Loaf, Shepherds Pie, Pasta, Lasagna, Casseroles, Pot pie, Chickpea meatloaf and more. Gluten-free, Soy-free, Nut-free options Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dish Ideas. Go there now »

I began having vegan lasagna many years ago for Thanksgiving. It is all kinds of…

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4 thoughts on “Meat-Free Thanksgiving

  1. I actually just stumbled on a recipe for a vegetarian loaf to use as the main dish for Thanksgiving the other day. I’m not vegetarian myself (although I have cut back on eating meat a lot over the last year) so I’d never really thought about what vegetarians would do for Thanksgiving. I’m actually looking forward to trying the recipe some time for dinner because it sounded really yummy!

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      1. So I totally didn’t forget about this – I finally made it yesterday! The recipe is Thanksgiving Loaf from Happy Herbivore: Holidays and Gatherings by Lindsay S. Nixon. I ran into some trouble while baking the loaf – the recipe said you need to make sure the loaf is not still wet…so I ended up cooking it for another like 30 minutes more than it said. The end result was good, but tasted like it was missing something spice-wise. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but next time I’ll have to make sure I add the miso (which I forgot) – that might make the difference!

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