My Little Corner of the World

My Balcony in October

The daytime temperatures have finally downgraded from hot to warm, and the nights are so pleasantly cool! Flowers are still blooming but beginning to look a bit spent. I did NOT grow those little pumpkins set on the table but couldn’t resist. Back in the shadows, those are miniature yellow sweet peppers still ripening. I recently planted some garlic (thanks Alanna!) and also some late-season bush beans. I’ll soon take out most of the annuals and plant a variety of small bulb flowers, like grape hyacinths and crocus.

Halloween is almost upon us, and the other holidays follow closely behind. They’ve already started putting the holiday lights up in the Square, in fact. Seems like they just took them down from last season! Time moves much too quickly these days.

Wherever you live and whatever season you are now enjoying, I hope you’re finding pleasant times!

65 thoughts on “My Little Corner of the World

  1. Lovely, Becky. It’s much colder and windier here in south east England. I love summer and you’ve taken me to warmer places with this post – thank you x

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  2. What a beautiful corner of the world. I love the cool evenings as well, but you’re right that time flies, Becky. I joke sometimes that my life has gotten stuck on “fast forward” speed rather than “play.” Love the photo. πŸ™‚

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  3. I remember your plotting and planning for your balcony. You’ve created a wonderful spot! I’m glad you’ve had some nice weather to enjoy, too. Let’s just say the even the National Weather Service guys are counting down the hours to tomorrow’s front. We’ve been teased, but now we want the real thing!

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    1. I appreciate that, Linda! Yes, I wonder if the cooler weather will actually happen. Very humid out there, right now, or “muggy” as we used to say when I was a kid in Michigan. Do they use that word in Texas?


  4. Wow – talk about making the most of a balcony! It’s still very green here, too, Becky, with plants still managing and blooming. Soon they’ll be done, just like yours, and maybe we’ll get a real autumn. Happy early Halloween! πŸŽƒ

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  5. I remember one of your posts from way back right after you moved in about your plans for your balcony. It’s great to see that come to fruition.

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  6. Love seeing your little corner of the world. That balcony is impressive. I am never of fan of the summer heat but love the longer daylight. We had fall arrive early this year and extremely grateful. Having to move my plants under cover so they don’t get too much water. When retirement came, I wondered how I ever had time for a full time job. I’m still always busy enough to wonder where all the time goes. I feel for those who have no outside interests to see them through. You know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m sure.

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  7. A lovely post. Thanks for sharing it with us. I *did* grow a little pumpkin but I don’t know how! The vine appeared in a spot I thought I’d planted an okra seed, so I just let it go until I saw what it was; before Halloween I “picked” it & brought it in.

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  8. Such a beautiful photo! The seasons do move quickly. We’ve brought some of our favorite plants inside. They are glorious on the windowsill, and I’m grateful that Nate looks after them. Cheers!

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