A Good Sign from the Mailbox

Even though I no longer have a garden beyond my balcony, I still love receiving that first seed & plant catalog of the new year in the mail. Spring will return…it’s just around the corner! And I like that the pages appear to hold even more selections marked as “container friendly,” which works out well for me. Time to start planning!

And speaking of planning, if you’ve been thinking about including more plant-based foods in your meals, you might want to check out the Meatless Monday Challenge. It’s a free 12-week program that’s set up to assist you in meeting that goal, while you help the environment at the same time!

I look forward to reading all of your blogs in the coming months and wish each of you a healthy and happy 2022!

57 thoughts on “A Good Sign from the Mailbox

  1. For me here in NJ, when we haven’t gotten snow yet, I’m not quite ready to think of planting. I’m still raking reluctant leaves! But I get it. I do find myself musing about weeding and mulching, a first step.
    Best wishes to you for the New Year, Becky, in every way you want them to show up. 😊

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  2. Can you believe that I’ve found wild strawberries already? And the ‘real’ strawberry season at our local picking farm usually begins mid-to-late January. (Ha! I just checked, and they had strawberry picking today. By the time their New Year’s break is over, I’ll be heading to the fields!)

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  3. In my childhood, the arrival of the Thompson catalogue started that annual yearning for the vegetable garden. My father chose his old favourites and then always something new. I recall the year that courgettes (zucchini) was his pick for the new. Circa 1961.)

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  4. Leaving behind everything that has happened and starting the year with new perspectives, it is very hopeful that we are going to have a better year. My best wishes that 2022 will fill you with joy and happiness. I wish it to you with all my heart. A big hug and Cheers! for the good life.
    Manuel Angel

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  5. You Becky, are an optimist.😊 This is the time of year I don’t believe spring will come… or if I do, it’s long away (like years). I think it’s the teasing aspect of garden catalogues that does me in. All that aside, I wish you damn good things in the New Year!

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    1. I wish the same for you, Colette! Yes, I suppose I am an optimist (although that has become much more challenging the last few years). I loved living where it snowed because then spring was all that much sweeter. Here in TX, the lines between seasons are blurred and wavy. Take care!

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  6. Seed and plant catalogues are interesting to look at even if you don’t buy anything. (Sort of like cookbooks even if you don’t cook.) We’re just coming out of another snowfall here, after way too much rain, so spring seems a long way off. It’s been a tough winter, so far. But there are snowdrops trying to bloom.

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