Essential Tips and Tricks for Making the Best Plant-Based Meals: from Meatless Monday

Source: Essential Tips and Tricks for Making the Best Plant-Based Meals

NOTE: If you’re “on the fence” about tofu, I know from experience that freezing it makes a world of difference with the texture! I buy the firmest type I can find and cut the block into thirds or fourths to freeze for later. After I defrost a section for cooking, I then squeeze out all the moisture. No more jiggly tofu! ~Becky

39 thoughts on “Essential Tips and Tricks for Making the Best Plant-Based Meals: from Meatless Monday

      1. For a while, I was trying the Mark Bittman method of drying in the oven for nice and crispy. Did not work for me though. Ended up dried up and crunchy but not crispy. (Probably my oven.)

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  1. I grew up vegetarian but we never had tofu. So to me, tofu is an exotic and most useful – although not necessary – ingredient/ protein. But tofu that actually does absorb taste and does not fall apart spongy is a texture revelation. (I also eat fish and meat so am not a purist on the subject but I know that reducing consumption of fish and meat matters for all kinds of reasons.)

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  2. I love tofu!
    Soft tofu: heat the pan w/ oil and w/ a fork scramble in the tofu. When fried and reduced, turn off heat, add nutritional yeast flakes and stir until yeast is toasted. OMG!

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  3. I am not a tofu fan but a great tip on freezing tofu… anything which gets rid of that squeaky feel is good… will definitely try that, Thanx Becky…I also subscribe to those e-mails and find them great there is always something to like and try out 🙂 x

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  4. The is a great site/post to bookmark. I have little time to cook (and no A/C in the kitchen 🙁), but it’s always helpful to have some ideas that can make it possible without going crazy.The big plus right now in NJ – it’s tomato, peach and corn season!

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