Yummy Plant-Based Recipes for the Holidays or Any Days!

No matter how many or how few people are seated at your dinner table these days, this could be an excellent time to expand culinary horizons. Check out the scrumptious plant-based recipes at Meatless Monday!

41 thoughts on “Yummy Plant-Based Recipes for the Holidays or Any Days!

  1. Love the recipes you linked to, Becky! I’m a vegetarian/near-vegan who had vegetarian “turkey” for Thanksgiving, and it was delicious — like many meatless products are these days. Maybe I’ll receive a grateful holiday card from animals. Well, maybe not… πŸ™‚

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      1. I tried the Mushroom Wellington last night – it definitely has promise, but was a little bland. Next time I’ll try it with cheese (not vegan, I know) and more mustard, maybe a little Worcestershire sauce.

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  2. Speaking as a carnivore…. it just never hurts to eat at least one vegetarian meal a week — if only to realize just how MUCH meat we consume…I do love it, but readily admit we eat way more than is “natural” — especially if we were killing it ourselves. Maybe that should be…(pardon the pun)….Food for thought!.

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  3. Thanks Becky. These all look yummy, and most seem fairly easy, too.
    I am 98% vegetarian, and about 85-90% vegan … still can’t give up milk in my delicious Chemex coffee, though I do only get organic or “locally grown”, and still love cheese, (including the vegan style.) But it’s always in my sights to live kinder.

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    1. Happy to hear that, Jeanne! This sounds a lot like my journey. I found that I like almond or oat milks, so that helps me with coffee. Before going totally vegan, my last holdout was eggs. I found a wonderful product called JUST that works great for scrambles, quiche, frittata type dishes!

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      1. Becky, I have tried every kind of alternative milk, including oat and almond, and I still can’t get there! I use Westsoy unsweetened vanilla soy milk for my hot and cold cereal needs, but even that doesn’t do it in coffee. Eggs are a holdout – but mostly when I eat out at this one veg/vegan restaurant I love because they make scrambles with locally-sourced produce and cheese. (Their meat, too, but I have no problem not having that.)
        If you have any ideas, let me know!

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      2. If you like something a bit thicker in coffee, Jeanne, have you tried almond or coconut milk creamer/half-and-half? Those are very good. And I know many people like to use tofu in scrambles. A brand I found and love is Hodo, which is quite dry and very firm.

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  4. Thank you for the link – we are now vegan and feeling so much better for it… Like you, it’s been something of a journey. On Christmas Day, my sister will have a small chicken breast – but I’m going to be making my own Chestnut Wellington, which Himself and I just love. I had thought it would be much harder to give up meat than it has proved to be – but extra recipes are always welcome! I am waiting for more cookery programmes on TV for those of us who don’t use animal products…

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  5. Thanks for the Holiday ideas! For us it’s a bigger challenge because we also eat gluten-free as well as plant based. Thankfully, most holiday sides are plant based (such as sweet potatoes).

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  6. These recipes look and sound delicious, Becky… I have sigjned up for meatless Monday emails and definitely am going to make a concerted effort this year to introduce more plant based meals to my family… Tofu and eggs are a big sticking point with us… Tofu is very popular here and widely used I just am not keen on it maybe I just haven’t found the right recipes /tofu

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    1. Glad to hear you signed up for Meatless Monday, Carol! As for me and tofu, the recipes are part of it, but I also like the firmest and driest form available. I don’t know what brands are available by you, but the best one I have found so far is Hodo, which is almost more “cheesy.” I also like tempeh a great deal.


  7. Thank you for the tips, Becky I will check out what brands are available here and tempeh which I haven’t tried at all… I can’t see us giving up meat completely but I do want to introduce more plant based meals…

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