Sunday: in a Stew

“The Sundays” Stew

I’ve never really liked Sundays very much. As a kid, I dreaded the afternoons when I invariably discovered I still had homework to complete. As a working adult, Sunday evenings usually reminded me that I had not accomplished enough or experienced as much fun as I had anticipated.

As a retired teacher, I could say that all days are now weekends. OR I could really claim that all days are weekdays, given that I rarely skip working on my freelance editing. But, somehow, this first day of the week still can get me down. I call this feeling that settles over me “The Sundays.” Maybe you get that, too?

I find that fixing myself some comfort food goes a long way toward making me feel better. And what better comfort food than a hearty stew! I no longer eat meat, so my stew involves mainly veggies with a spicy black bean burger thrown in for added flavor and thickening. Use whatever ingredients you prefer and have on hand. Those pictured above will find their way into my stewpot this afternoon. The only ones that originate from my balcony garden, today, are the rosemary and jalapeno. But they will help to add some depth to the flavors.

Here’s the basic recipe. Use what you have, in the proportions you like:


To water or vegetarian broth add favorite veggies: potatoes, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans, onions, garlic, etc.

After cooking for about 1/2 hour, add a black bean burger. Continue cooking for another 1/2 hour or until broth is thickened and veggies are softened but not mushy.

Enjoy with a slice of bread!

Possible additions: lentils, rice, or even meat.


66 thoughts on “Sunday: in a Stew

  1. Sunday may be my favorite day of the week. In fact, I’m sure it is. It has been since childhood; it was a day filled with pleasures — and a lot of fried chicken! It’s still entirely too hot for stew, soup, or chili down here, but the time is coming. I’d call yours a soup rather than a stew, but a rose by any other name, and all that. My favorite? Ham and beans with cornbread from my past, and now a good gumbo since I met Louisiana Cajun cooking. Whether it’s chicken and sausage or seafood, I’ll be first in line!

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      1. I just wonder WHY? I think it might be connected to having supper at 3 and hating my mom’s cooking — particularly roast beef and potatoes etc. And then there you are, it’s only 4:00 and you’re a kid and THEN what? 🤣

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  2. The stew sounds great. I usually liked Sundays until the evening when I would sometimes get the Sunday night blues. It’s funny because, by Monday, I was usually raring to go.

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  3. I remember that Sunday afternoon “the weekend is almost over” feeling. A comforting meal would help, though.
    Now we fast on Wednesdays and Saturdays. No breakfast, lunch, or snacks, but we always have homemade soup for supper. Something to look forward to while the tummy is rumbling.

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  4. I like the idea of fixing comfort food for oneself on a Sunday. I haven’t been fond of Sunday’s for a very long time and glad to hear I’m not alone in that. I am usually alone too much that day with everything around closed and no one dropping by. I have plenty to do but this day of the week always feels off to me. I’m going to make a weekly dinner menu and schedule something special for Sunday’s from now on. Maybe that will help. Thanks for the idea.

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  5. I thought that still life of veg was a painting at first, Becky. Beautiful. I know what you mean about Sundays. The phrase ‘the dark tea time of the soul’ summed it up for me. It’s definitely easier to enjoy Sundays when they don’t bear so much weight, when you don’t have to go school, or to work that isn’t ‘yours’ on Monday. Tasty recipe! We had vegetarian haggis last night and mushrooms picked in the afternoon!

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    1. Maria, thank you…I’m still trying to learn more about taking pictures with my phone:) Yes, “dark tea time of the soul” is so descriptive of that feeling! I looked up vegetarian haggis to see what that might include, and it sounds good!

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  6. Oh geez, retired middle school teacher here Becky. I used to get anxiety every Sunday night. Soup, homemade bread, beer- whatever soothed the soul for the coming week! I love when the weather changes now to fall so I can cook that comfort food.

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  7. Hi Becky, Thanks for reading my post. I share your taste food-wise as I love all soups, casseroles and the like, more especially when it`s cooler, and maybe with chicken added. I used to like Sunday mornings as I enjoyed reading in bed awhile before the aroma of bacon frying lured me out of bed…When evacuated, however (WW11) I grew to dislike them as I had to attend Sunday School and sing in Welsh AND attend evening Chapel…(the SS – aptly named – chapel was right next door to where I was housed, so I thought God could peep in the window and check on me if I absconded!) Now I’m long-retired,I don’t mind them at all! Cheers.

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    1. I love the way you express your childhood thoughts, Joy:) I used to attend Sunday School and was okay with that. It was the afternoons and evenings that got me down. I’m glad you like Sundays, now. I’m still working on it! Thanks for the visit, Joy.


  8. I grew up on a farm, where every day was the same except there were more chores on non school days. Then I worked there until my mid 20s, so weekends were a novelty for me when I got a 9-5 job.

    My last ‘proper’ job was as a tour guide, so I was back to weekends being no different from other days, and the same applies now I’m a writer. I don’t miss the weekend so much as that Friday afternoon feeling of having finished for a few days.

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  9. What a great idea, Becky. It’s kind of like “Leftovers Stew” but in a good way. I like the idea of throwing in a black bean burger, a staple for many of us. You’ve got me thinking …
    p.s. I get that feeling on Sunday night. 🙂

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