I’m no Juliet but sure enjoying my new balcony!

Cool breeze, dappled sunlight, rustling leaves, cooing doves, and the aroma of popcorn from across the Square. Evening brings a view of the sunset and appearance of white lights tucked away in the trees. Most importantly, I now have my own outdoor space in which to exercise my hopefully still green thumb!

My sister surprised me by sending the great book, pictured below, as an “apartment warming” gift. Several of you offered helpful suggestions for gardening in a small space, as well, when I wrote about my impending move. With these resources and a few other books I have about container gardening, I’m making plans here in Texas!

Watching and waiting more than 3 years for “the right apartment,” my time has finally come. I’m all moved in and mainly have just books left to unpack (which is about half my possessions:) Even though I only moved to a different apartment in the same building, it was still a lot of work, of course. Happily, I managed to keep up with my editing for pay work (motivated by that pesky budget) AND managed to write a new section for a chapter book in progress (motivated by my wonderful critique groups).

Now, if I just could get these boxes of books unpacked and placed on the shelves…




50 thoughts on “I’m no Juliet but sure enjoying my new balcony!

  1. Your balcony is wonderful! I can see why you enjoy it so much. It would be a great use of the space to have an outdoor garden.

    One of my former elementary students is involved with something called The Tower Garden. It’s an interesting concept. https://www.towergarden.com/school-gardens I’m not a shill for the company or something.😎 Good luck with your outdoor project.

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  2. It looks a lovely outdoor space. Just enough to give you that bit of fresh air and a few plants to grow without being too much of a chore. Glad the move is now mostly behind you, Becky and I hope you’re very happy in your new home:))

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  3. It’s good to have a private outdoor space, sort of transitional between indoors and out in the public street. It lets you experience the outside world without being embroiled in it. And you can plan your garden for next spring!

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