Help to Mobilize Climate Voters!

You can help!

Write postcards to make sure people who care about climate vote in the Tuesday, November 8th elections. Choose from state and local races with elections this November where progress on climate is possible, but only if climate voters show up. They mail you free postcards, so you just need postcard stamps and a pen! Please sign up today! Without a healthy planet, nothing else really matters.

Please note: although the drop-down menu for the number of cards to order begins with 200, I found that you can add a message in the “Drop us a note” field near the bottom to request a lower number, if you wish!


13 thoughts on “Help to Mobilize Climate Voters!

    1. Yes, the cost of stamps has gone up here, too. The site says that 200 cards is the lowest number to order, but there’s a field near the bottom for notes, and I always request just 100. There are so few things I feel comfortable doing: I don’t like going door-to-door or making phone calls, so this is my thing. Yes, I’m well, Carol, and I hope the same is true for you!

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  1. This is wonderful. I got my postcards to VOTE in the Nov. election a couple weeks ago. I think they do work. This isn’t my first postcard send. I did get 200 this time and last time. But doing it for the environment is fabulous. Great post.

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