No Mystery Why I Love Books!

Beyond picture books, my next fondest memories of reading as a child were of the Trixie Belden mysteries. And I have my older sister, Terri, to thank for my love of books! She often read to me when we were kids, and she still tells me about great series she has heard about or read that I might want to try.

Although I enjoyed Nancy Drew’s antics, Trixie was always my favorite and seemed more like a “real kid.” I still have several treasured copies of Trixie Belden books from our childhood.

If you also loved those books or would like to learn more about them, here is a great article with background about the settings and authors!

Becky and Terri at Grandma’s House – Easter 1954

61 thoughts on “No Mystery Why I Love Books!

  1. Thank you, Becky! I hadn’t been familiar with this series. The fact that the title character seemed like a “real kid” is a high recommendation. And nice that the series evokes sibling memories for you. Great photo!

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  2. That photo sure brought back some great memories. Easter hats and dresses were such fun to choose. The Trixie Belden article is fascinating. I like hearing all the details and background to the publishing process and how the authors’ interests often found a way into the stories. Great post!

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    1. Thanks, Terri:) Yes, I remember those stiff Easter hats, with ribbons, flowers, etc. Those were the days! I liked the first Trixie Belden books the best, which were all written by the same author.


  3. I know I read the Trixie Belden books, but I don’t remember them as clearly as Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames. For one brief, shining moment, I was sure I was going to be a student nurse, just like Cherry Ames! It would be fun to re-read a couple of those books, just to refresh my memories.

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  4. Love the photo Becky it’s beautiful…My memories are of Enid Blyton, The Borrowers, Charlottes Web…I was the eldest and my sisters had no love of reading at all and still don’t I was the odd one out…I got books for Christmas and on birthdays they got stupid dolls…lol…Lovely post, Becky of childhood memories :)x

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  5. Trixie Belden was one of my favorites as a preteen. I didn’t get to read may as we had limited access to books. I even brought 3 reproduced volumes a few years ago. Not sure if they made it to the boxes as they were new or I gave in and donated them. Thanks for the link to the article. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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      1. Inherited a lot of Enid Blyton – I don’t know where it came from. All those school stories too. Boarding schools – not a world I know. And Just William – all of which were quite out of date. I don’t remember reading anything much that reflected my own life or situation.

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  6. Wow – Trixie Belden. Haven’t heard that name in forever. I think I read her, but not nearly as thoroughly as Nancy Drew or the Dana Girls’ series. Those were the big ones in my house. Books are so precious. I still have my copy of “Black Beauty” from when I was 11 or so. You do help us reach back for those memories, Becky!!

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    1. Yes, I love looking at and thinking back to those old books, Jeanne! I had almost forgotten about the Dana Girls. I think that I only read a few but enjoyed them as much or even more than Nancy. Trixies was still my fave:)

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  7. I’ve never heard of the Trixie Belden series. My twin sister liked her Little House on the Prarie series (and they were good), while I liked the UK books of “The Great Brain” and Louis L’Amour westerns. Nothing like seeing a child engulf in a book to take me back to those days πŸ™‚

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  8. Good to know the mystery you have for books, Becky. I am an avid reader too, I adore books especially those books that are inspiring and give out life lessons such as this one by Paulo Coelho titled “The Alchemist” which gives me an idea that dreams are meant to be followed, if it is your dream to write a book, you will. πŸ’―

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