Take Part in Earth Hour!

“Make an impact beyond the hour. Taking part in Earth Hour isn’t only about committing for one hour on one day – it’s about committing every day to shape a brighter future for people and our planet.”

How will you spend Earth Hour? I’ll probably sit on my balcony and read from an actual paper and cardboard book. And my goal is to work more “Earth hours” into my days, turning everything off for a while. LATER: I certainly enjoyed that time reading and was further entertained by four doves roosting in the tree almost close enough to touch. Beautiful evening. Take care! Becky

40 thoughts on “Take Part in Earth Hour!

  1. I hadn’t heard of this Becky…but it’s a brilliant idea and we participate without having known it’s a thing…From 5-7 every day we sit outside, talk or play a game (non-electrical)…either scrabble or a form of I -spy or word association….

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    1. You’re welcome, Maria, and I certainly hope so too! I know from your posts that you have a strong appreciation for the natural world and have no doubt that you often observe an “Earth hour.”


  2. I had forgotten about it as well but I tend to keep the lights off a great deal anyway. Right now, I’m in my dark room watching the wind blow the trees every which way. So much fascinating to see out there.

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  3. I was unaware of Earth Hour, but I think it’s a wonderful concept! Anything to widen our connection to other people from around the globe HAS to be a good thing. I’m hoping that I’m well enough to take part next year – I’d love to go down to the beach with a litter picker and a bag and pick up rubbish:)).

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  4. Everything is usually off when I sew my Art Gowns. I sew by a window, no artificial light needed. They are 100% hand sewn. No machines. I do have music on sometimes.
    Summer is mostly salads (green salads, potato salad, bean salad, pasta salads that last for days in the fridge.) and breads. There is not much need for the stove.

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