Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow?

First Blooms of the Season

This dainty Narcissus on my balcony bloomed for the first time today. Since the temperatures are predicted to plunge again tonight, I decided to take a photo while it was still in good shape!

From “Greek Myths & Greek Mythology”

The Myth Of Narcissus In Modern Life And Art


“The myth of Narcissus is known also for one additional reason; the flower Narcissus that is found usually at the banks of rivers and lakes, took its name after the mythical hero. It is a graceful flower featuring 40 different species, mostly grown in Europe. It blooms in early spring and is considered fragile and very beautiful, with white, yellow and pink blossoms.

The Myth of Narcissus has inspired several artists as well; the most known is Caravaggio who painted a young man admiring his reflection in the water.

The painters Turner and Dali were also inspired by the myth, while poets, such as Keats and Housman, used his example in many of their works.

The Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky created several characters with the mentality and loneliness of Narcissus, such as Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin.”

69 thoughts on “Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow?

  1. I’ve known a few narcissists in my time, and they weren’t nearly as attractive as the painting — or your flowers! I’ve seen both tulips and forsythia blooming in snow, so yours may fare just fine. It does look like you’re heading below freezing again, though — my sympathies! We’re only going to get to the upper 30s with this one.

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  2. I remember when you were setting up your balcony garden.
    I believe it has progressed to a Hope Garden!
    The Myth of Narcissus is odd, as all Greek myths are. Odd and special, like your garden.

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