Some Days are Diamonds

image from pixabay

Bright sun has finally returned after our winter storm here in north Texas. Ice on the trees is sparkling like a million diamonds. I thought about this song. One of my favorites…the singer, the song, AND the message.

I hope today is a “diamond” for you. ~Becky

65 thoughts on “Some Days are Diamonds

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had sunshine already! We’re still covered in clouds, and gloomy as can be, but we missed the kind of ice you had to put up with, so it’s a bit of an even trade. We’re supposed to be up to 50 this weekend, with sun — that’s a lovely, sparkly thought!

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  2. Happy thaw, Becky, I’m sure it’s beautiful. Always uplifting when the earth starts coming back to life. And dear John Denver. You took me back years ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Thank you, Becky. Here’s to many more ‘diamond’ days. Here in Spain, our January weather was slightly harsher, but so far…February is proving to be kinder, with plenty of sunshine and slightly warmer to boot. I’m a real door-mouse and always love the Spring and early Summer. Wishing golden days on you too. Best wishes. x ..

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  4. The song made me feel so sad but I hope this is a diamond day for you, Becky! Air frost is rarely seen here in Dorset but I’ve seen it France – all the trees encased in ice. Magical. Thank you for sharing.

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