Natural Egg Dyes and Seasonal Children’s Books: Secular and Spiritual

Imperfect Foods is my new favorite source to buy produce that is less-than-perfect or in surplus at a reasonable cost, in efforts to help reduce food waste. Boxes are delivered to the door according to the schedule you choose. On the company site, I found this article about natural egg dyes. I’ve used the turmeric and red cabbage methods in the past and know they work! ~Becky

And from Publishers Weekly,

One year into the pandemic, the holidays have not yet returned to their full festive scope, but there’s still cause to celebrate the coming season. The arrival of spring brings a parade of Easter and Passover titles, as well as books on baby animals. In addition, Margaret Wise Brown’s classic Runaway Bunny, illustrated by Clement Hurd, is hopping over to HBO Max in a musical adaptation. We’ve gathered a selection of new and noteworthy springtime picture books for young readers, both secular and spiritual.

70 thoughts on “Natural Egg Dyes and Seasonal Children’s Books: Secular and Spiritual

  1. I’m going to boil some eggs as soon as I finish this comment. This looks like so much fun. I’ve never heard of that grocery service, but it seems like a good idea for all of us.
    You are such a creative person. I look forward to your blogs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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      1. I had to go out after reading your post and mentioned Imperfect Foods to Zippy, wondering aloud if it was local to Texas or nationwide. Moments later at a red light, we looked up and saw an Imperfect Foods billboard. Later that evening, son called and in that conversation said he was looking into Imperfect Foods in Seattle. Very cool that your post set off a chain reaction. 🙂

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  2. Imperfect Foods is a fantastic idea, Becky. I think this trend will continue to grow exponentially. I confess that it was only when we started the organics recycling in Vancouver that I realized how much food I wasted. YIKES! Now, our shopping and consumption of food has changed dramatically over these past years. I love the idea of natural eggs dyes!!

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  3. The children’s books look wonderful! My eye was caught by the one on the history of decorating eggs. My brother brought my mother and me some beautifully decorated eggs from Slovakia. They’re in a vase on my bureau.

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  4. It’s lovely to see how imperfect foods seem to be taking off and a great link to the egg dyes I tried beetroot and red cabbage years ago but some others to try now a lovely spring post, Becky 🙂 x

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      1. I don’t see what is wrong at all with imperfect fruit/vegetables it all tastes the same…thank you for the tip I will try the turmeric..Lily comes Saturday I’m sure she will love dyeing some eggs ..Have a great weekend , Becky 🙂 x

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  5. I do love dyeing eggs, and natural colors seems a perfect variation. On the other hand, I’ve been tempted to try Ukrainian eggs — pysanke — just for grins. There are longer videos about the technique, but if you have five minutes, this is a good one. I first saw them in Saskatchewan, and fell in love with them.

    For kids, of course, simpler stories and simpler techniques are best, and that selection of books is wonderful.

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  6. Way past the egg dying stage but love the idea. I’ve thought about the less than perfect veggies often. We get most of ours from local organic farmers at the farmers market. I don’t buy many because we don’t cook much anymore. Just the 2 of us, the daughter and I and we eat very differently. It’s a great way to not let things go to waste.

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  7. Your eggs are so beautiful and vivid! I had no idea it was possible to get results like that from veggies.
    I appreciate the review of Imperfect foods. I was checking them out but unsure if they would be as good as they seem

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  8. It’s amazing what can be done with natural dyes!
    My mom used natural dyes to decorate Easter Eggs. They were works of art. She used wax and the dyes. She created traditional designs on the eggs that were as intricate as any tapestry.
    Thank you for tripping this memory for me!

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  9. É a melhor maneira de nos lembrarmos do que a natureza nos oferece e que, miseravelmente, não sabemos como apreciá-lo. Se você tivesse um pouco de bom senso saberíamos como valorizá-lo como deve ser. Bom lembrete, Nilde.
    Depois de longas férias, é gratificante ler algo edificante.
    Bom fim de semana pra você.
    Manuel Angel


  10. In Chile, where I live, these parties are not so popular. Only a part of the Catholic community celebrates it. In any case, for those of us who profess the Catholic faith, that tradition remains and thus we transmit it to our family. Good weekend Becky. After a long vacation it is gratifying to find a good read.
    A big hug
    Manuel Angel

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    1. Good to know, Jeanne! Also great to read that you’re looking into Imperfect Foods. I should mention that I did need to do some adjusting in my thinking, at first, since they use as little packaging as possible. So, some of the large produce is just in the box all together, for example. Makes sense, though, and goes along with efforts to prevent all different types of waste.

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