Ready for Storystorm?

Inspirational and free, with a possibility of prizes! Join me by taking part in Storystorm. All you have to do is register (through the first week of January) in comments at Then come up with one new story idea for 30 of the days in January. Visit the blog each day, if you wish, for inspiration from authors and illustrators and also to earn chances at winning prizes. That’s it! You don’t even have to share your list of ideas. Those are for you to keep and get started on an awesome new year of writing!                  ~Becky

25 thoughts on “Ready for Storystorm?

  1. Hi Becky – I am familiar with StoryStorm, in fact, I won a critique when it was the earlier version of PiBoIdMo! However, I’m particularly writing as I signed up to follow you after your blog post – River to Skate Away On – and have never once been notified of any of your subsequent posts. Have you had this happen before? Does it say at your end that I’m following you? At my end, it does. Thanks,

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      1. I did find the problem with me following you … WP signed me up but never – at that time – gave me a link to options of how I wanted notifications, when, etc. I have that resolved, so we should be good going forward. Where you can see who is following you … hmmmm. OK, I took a look around, but can’t find it at the moment. It’s in there somewhere – who’s following you, when they joined, etc. I’ll take a longer look at some point and if I can find it, I’ll let you know!

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