Fantastic Find at the Bookstore #10: Mixing Up Memories

I absolutely love used bookstores, especially those that house specialty sections, such as ephemera, advertising, or cookbooks. The booklet pictured above has been in my collection for years, and I don’t remember for sure in which shop it was found. Dated 1948, this was published not that many years before I was born. The black-and-white pages offer information about handy home gadgets and detailed recipes for various meals, including desserts, like cakes and other sweets.

Becky’s 1st Birthday, March 19, 1953; with Mom (Ella Ross) in the White Blouse

My mom’s kitchen arsenal didn’t include an elaborate mixer with a stand, turntable, and large bowl. The following image from the booklet is more like the mixer she would have used when making my birthday cake.

My Grandma Witzke (pictured above next to my mother) was the first person I remember who had a blender. It looked much like the one shown below.

Friend, Andrea, with Becky; outside my Grandparents’ House in Tawas City, Michigan in 1958

During my early years, Grandma and Grandpa Witzke lived nearby, and we would often visit. On lucky days, Grandma would make us malts in her blender, and vanilla was always my favorite (and still is today).

Over the years, my birthday weeks have involved many memorable activities: a horse-drawn sleigh ride in childhood, moving into “my” first house as an adult, trips to Florida, an overnight stay in a lighthouse, gorgeous flowers, delicious meals drenched in wine, thoughtful gifts, my parents singing to me over the miles, and wonderful times spent with my children and grandchildren.

This year, my big event is a much-needed haircut. Whoo-hoo! These days, I’m thankful for the smallest of favors. And it WILL be a happy birthday and a good year!

72 thoughts on “Fantastic Find at the Bookstore #10: Mixing Up Memories

  1. I have an old cookbook and it shows “happy homemakers” wearing heels when cooking. In the advice section, it encourages the woman to put on a splash of perfume before she welcomes her husband home at the end of the day. My three daughters, who have always worked, love to look through that cookbook!

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      1. My mother had a couple of organdy ‘party aprons’ with ruffles and sequins! I don’t remember her wearing high heels to cook, but you can bet that when she was pushing the canapΓ©s, she was wearing them!

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  2. Oh, that really is a great find! And I’m looking at that kitchen wallpaper – looks mighty familiar! LOL (I’m only a little bit older than you – not much.) Happy Birthday and enjoy your haircut – we are indeed grateful for the little things, nowadays especially. I, too, would have loved a weekend in a lighthouse!

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    1. Hi, Jeanne. Yes, the stay in the lighthouse on Lake Superior was amazing. I’ve done that on several occasions, at different lights. Thanks for visiting and for the birthday wishes! My head should be tons lighter once I get my hair cut. Although it’s getting thinner on the top, these days, the rest is thick and rather unruly:)


  3. There’s so much to love about your first birthday photo. I certainly recognize the table — and it looks to me as though the glass dishes might be Depresion glass: maybe the diamond cube pattern. There’s the phone on the wall with a directory hanging from it, and those gingham curtains — so many good memories for me, too. Happy birthday!

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    1. You certainly have an eye for detail, Linda! I hadn’t even checkout out the dishes. They might be the light blue plates that I still have, which I remember Mom often used for desserts. In looking on the Internet, I see they might possibly be Anchor Hocking Depression Glass Bubble pattern. Thanks for the good wishes, and I’m happy you liked the memories, too:)


  4. Sometimes the simplest things (like a haircut) can be the things we appreciate the most about a birthday. Adding another year to the books is no longer too exciting. If you look at all the old ads, they all show women happily baking in the kitchen. I’m not surprised, but it does feed into the old stereotype. For the record, I like to bake too. Hope your birthday is great!

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  5. Happy Birthday! I loved reading about your memories! My favorite cookbook is a 1943 copy of the Ladies Home Companion. I had to type up my favorite recipes because it was falling apart, but just seeing a similar looking book (usually in used bookstores – I love them too) evokes fond memories of family meals!

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  6. I’m not sure if my comment has been sent, so sorry if this is a repeat:

    I was supposed to have been born on March 19th but came a day early. Anyway, enjoy your haircut!

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  7. Wow, look at those adverts. My dad has magazines from many moons again and I look at the ads inside that always feature women cooking and cleaning. It’s nice that my hubby shares the housework today, as do many other men. Times have changed for the better that way! Happy birthday ❀

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  8. I hope you had a great birthday!

    My mum had a big Kenwood chef, which I guess was a wedding present, as it was the only expensive gadget in the house. We didn’t have a TV or washing machine at the time.

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  9. I think we all can relate to your getting your haircut at last, Becky. Mine is way past due and I’ve hacked at it myself but think I’ll just wait now till vaccinated. Like you, I love old bookstores and we have a few old cookbooks too. Thanks for a lovely post.

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