Earth Day: every single day!



Elders Climate Action

Enjoy these great tools for helping your children and grandchildren learn about climate change. This is part of the legacy we can leave! Click here for videos, book lists, and links to other online resources.     ~Becky

25 thoughts on “Earth Day: every single day!

  1. Great works above, thanks. I’ve written twigs of poetree entitled, and others with the line, “Earth Day Everyday”, yet, this is the one I stumbled upon 🙂

    Earth Day, Sinewed Snowflakes, Fly

    And rather die as a mayfly, in one day, on their feet,
    Than live as long as an eagle flies, on their knees.

    “…It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain…”,
    One instant can damage so much Grace,

    Yet, abominable that only 400 years of supposed science, one instant,
    Evolutionarily, destroyed what it took 15 billion years to create, us, Earth!

    Extinction is forever and no one will wear it well, the corporate structure’s
    Convolution need not con anyone, we let them steer our perceptions and ships.

    Walking in nature’s balance, giving back to her abundance, “…we(e)…”,
    Illimitable in potential, and indivisible as life, evince to be!

    “…They don’t stand a chance against our …(heart),
    No, they don’t stand a chance against our love…”

    If you’re lifelong students, self-actuating and evolving, leaving no footprints
    That followed none, they will echo forever on, in all ways, always,

    Only if humanity gains the sanity to abolish the ‘use’ of fossil fuels,
    Thereby abolishing global defacto-slavery, as well. Be well.

    “…There’s a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye…”,
    Words weren’t meant for cowards, be brave…”.

    The Cosmos can’t stop us from basing global society on scarcity, instead of nature’s abundance.
    Tragically, our delusions won’t be dispelled until that premeditated extermination of 7 billion.

    (Thanx to Elton John, Robbie Robertson, Happy Rhodes for their great songs lines, from: ‘In Your Empty Garden’; ‘Ghost Dance’; ‘Words Weren’t Meant For Cowards’, respectively, above- before this 48th Earth Day)

    Copy, share as you will. Thanx for all you do and don’t; have a better day 🙂 reality

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