Happy B-day to Me & to Our Critique Group

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This is my birthday week, and I’m tempted, of course, to reflect on fond memories and post a few vintage pictures. I’m sure to do that in the future, but I’ve decided to look forward on this anniversary of my birth. Personal goals in the coming year are to form even firmer bonds with those individuals who matter to me AND to pursue further publication of my work with renewed structure and vigor.

I’m happy to say that I belong to several national and regional organizations that help to support writing and publication goals. I took advantage of local offerings and joined a writing critique group at the library soon after my move to Texas. Its members write in various genres and come from many different walks of life. We present our works for group feedback, share pertinent writers’ questions or information, and celebrate our successes.

Sometimes that meeting just once a month wasn’t quite enough to keep me motivated. About a year ago, I pursued the concept of a critique group for writers and illustrators of children’s literature, and “Write 4 Kids” was born! We also meet once a month at the library to present our works-in-progress, including books, stories, illustrations and query letters for potential publishers and agents.

In addition to providing feedback, we also share questions, information, disappointments and successes. Our numbers have grown steadily, and attendance continues to motivate and enlighten a group of local authors and illustrators. The input, friendship and support of both groups have been invaluable to me.

Another personal goal for the upcoming year is for my continued growth as an effective critique group member. Sometimes it’s too easy for one to offer a possible “fix” for a piece. The first order of business should be a focus on the positives and “what works.” I have to admit that my work as a freelance editor sometimes causes me to look for small surface errors instead of focusing on the “broad picture.”  I must remember to practice what I preach!

As always, soon after my birthday comes the first day of spring. I hope that your own season of renewal, wherever you’re located, will bring beauty, hope, and happiness.




21 thoughts on “Happy B-day to Me & to Our Critique Group

  1. Happy Birthday! And it sounds as if you have a wonderful critique group. It is always important, though, to remember to look for the strengths as well as the errors that need to be fixed…so hard to do when reading our own work, isn’t it? All the best to you!


  2. Belated birthday wishes! Taking stock and creating new targets is the best way to celebrate. Lucky you with your writing critique group. Know of any good ones online? I live in a 100% Italian environment but write in English


  3. Hi Becky,
    I think it’s fantastic that you joined a writing group––and it sounds like it helped you with the latest “rejection” letter too. I put that in quotes, b/c to me it’s a no on the way to yes. 🙂 It takes courage and self-commitment to get feedback and ask for support and stay at it!

    Happy very belated birthday. Sending a blessing to your writing, Becky. My spiritual mentor talks about how small steps consistently taken over time make a big difference.

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