Lovely Book Arrived in the Mail!

I don’t know about you, but I rarely win anything. Imagine my surprise when I won a book for leaving a comment and being selected, through Kathy Temean’s wonderful and informative blog, Writing and Illustrating. Kathy is involved in SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), writes and illustrates, runs a consulting company, teaches, and is the editor-in-chief of Sprouts Magazine. One of her passions is to help other writers and illustrators, and her blog is one way for her to meet that goal.

Here’s the beautiful book I won! I love biographies, especially about people with whom I am unfamiliar. This story is so lovingly written by North Texas author, Nancy Churnin, who certainly has an expressive way with words. The book is illustrated by another Texan, Felicia Marshall, and I am fairly certain the subject of this book, artist Laura Wheeler Waring, would heartily approve of her work! In her blog, Kathy has done an excellent job of introducing the book, author, and illustrator, so please visit Writing and Illustrating to learn more about them!

48 thoughts on “Lovely Book Arrived in the Mail!

    1. I have been enjoying it, Gigi! Being an artist, you would probably be interested in it, as well. It talks about paints and skin tones, and how her works are in the Smithsonian museums. You might want to check it out!


  1. How exciting to get a book in the mail, and … from none other than a friend! Kathy was the wonderful head of our NJ SCBWI chapter for about 10 years and did such an excellent job. Now keeps it all going with her blog. Small world, eh?
    Hope all the mess in Texas isn’t affecting you.

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    1. Wow…it is a small world, Jeanne! Yes, Kathy’s blog is great. I’ve been chilly here in TX but have blankets and plastic up at my doors and windows. My electricity only went out for short periods, much luckier than many, that’s for sure!

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