Wearing My Editor’s Hat!

As many writers have found, just having more time to work during the pandemic doesn’t necessarily make one more productive. That’s the case for me. So, in efforts to stay busy and earn some money while I’m at it, I’ve taken on many editing projects. In fact, I’ve completed around 100 manuscript edits since March.

Many of my projects have been children’s picture book edits, while others have involved middle-grade fiction and short stories for adults. I found most of these opportunities through online platforms that match freelancers up with clients. The feedback I’ve received from my clients has been very positive, which I find to be quite rewarding. I’m also excited to say that several of the books I edited are now published, such as the following:


I haven’t given up on personal writing and still attend my critique groups online. I’ve also completed several writing projects through these freelance platforms, as well, such as non-fiction articles, blog posts, and children’s leveled readers. All of this has given me something to work toward each day, which you all know can be a struggle right now!

In addition to communication with family and friends, my balcony gardening (and the challenge of the intense Texas sun!) also keeps me grounded. I finally took the plunge and purchased a fountain for my small outdoor space, which I love dearly. It’s no replacement for the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, or St. Mary’s River, but it’s my little piece of heaven.

Lovely Sounds of Water

47 thoughts on “Wearing My Editor’s Hat!

  1. Have you attracted any birds yet with your fountain? I only have a dish of water that I refresh every other day, but since they discovered it, there have been visitors every day. I’ve heard that the sound of water is even more attractive to them!

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    1. Hi Pete, my main experience with editing before the pandemic was through my own writing and that of my critique group peers and friends. I haven’t edited any full-length adult novels. And even the time involved for a middle-grade book could be all over the place, depending on whether just proofreading is required or some developmental editing.

      Even with picture book, this varies widely, depending on rhyming/non-rhyming and the stage at which the book rests. Contracts are often a fixed price, as opposed to hourly. It’s been a very interesting journey, and I think this experience has probably made my own writing stronger, as well!

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  2. Congratulations, Becky, for making adjustments, keeping busy and working successfully! Some people struggle with one or more of these. Hopefully you’ll soon find time for your own writing 🙂 Productive gardening in Texas requires diligence, but the rewards are year round produce. One of my daughters has worked ridiculously hard to make it so. The sound of your fountain must be so soothing. You should have lots of feathered visitors 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Mary Jo! I still have “the time” for my own writing, I just have trouble with the motivation part:( I’m not sure how “productive” my gardening is, but at least I have some green! Yes, I love the sound of water…

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  3. Congrats on finding so many opportunities – and successful ones – to use your writing/editing talents!
    I, too, love fountains, but found they don’t work so well with cats, and never thought of having one outside (hmmmm … which would just attract neighborhood cats.) I think Ill just listen for yours!

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  4. congrats on all the editing you’ve been doing – it’s so exciting that you’re seeing the finished books out now too! 🙂
    also I love your new fountain. 🙂

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  5. How wonderful about the edited books. I love your little garden in your outdoor space. Hope you get some birds. My hubby built a fountain & out it out front. We had 8 bluebirds in our yard at one point & they were all in it. He had to take it down with the high winds we’ve had. 😊

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  6. Wow! That is impressive – and I know that you say the books were short, but in my experience, the less words you have, the more vital it is that they are the RIGHT words… Huge respect that you have achieved such a number of projects, Becky!

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  7. Becky, congratulations on the books you were working on getting published. What good news! And, I acknowledge you for your creativity and resourcefulness on how to use this time. (Your fountain is beautiful, and looks restorative.)

    Question for you: Would you be willing to share the freelance websites re: editing jobs? I have a coaching client in England who’s working on her first book and could use to generate income as she’s looking for publishing agents.

    You can either reply here, or better yet, email me at weloveyou@forgivingconnects.com. And, thanks for considering it!

    Blessings to you Becky. Take good care of yourself, especially during this election time. ❤

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  8. I love the fountain!

    Congratulations on all the projects you’ve completed (and especially the ones that are now published – that’s so exciting!) 🙂

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