Feeling Helpless in the United States? You Can Help to Get Out the Vote!

If you’re feeling helpless about the upcoming election, here’s an idea of something you can do to help! You can help to save democracy by hand writing postcards to Democratic voters in ten critical states to increase turnout in November. They send you the postcards for free. You provide the stamps and mail the cards in October.

Please note, this particular campaign may now be completed, but the website linked above offers additional options. In addition, other organizations are sponsoring similar projects. You can find those by doing a quick Internet search. Either way, it’s easy, won’t cost you much, and could actually get the right voters out to the polls!

Here’s one of my favorite songs by Iris DeMent. The message may be true of life in general, but we don’t have to idly watch “the sun settin’ down” on our country as we know it!







39 thoughts on “Feeling Helpless in the United States? You Can Help to Get Out the Vote!

      1. To say I “know” her is a bit of a stretch but I used to sit next to her at meetings where we made arrangements for the county convention. Despite her fame she is willing to get involved in the community and I found that to be impressive.

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  1. Thank you. There are so many ways to help out in this election. Contact your local Dem Party or Indivisible group to connect with others doing the work. they can help you target your energy where it matters most.

    And LOCAL is important. We have to knock out/vote out Republicans at EVERY level. Local really matters.

    So phone bank/ text bank/ postcard your people on behalf of local candidates and make a big difference. Find your local groups doing the local work.

    We ALL have to do our bit here. Nothing is more important to our collective future.

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  2. Maybe we just need to remember who we are and what we have ideologically come from… We are bootstrap people, of the ilk who cross oceans in scary-sized boats, who set off on adventures with blithe enthusiasm, who rebuild and recover and rebuild again…who walk across continents and call out dictators where we see them…we endeavor to make the world a better place, a free place, a resilient place… We come from everywhere having suffered every imaginable thing and aim to bring honor to those whose sacrifices gave us opportunity — OPPORTUNITY, not promises — to live better lives and extend a hand to any who want to join us… We are NOT helpless. Blinded by the awesome responsibility maybe of living in a country founded on individual freedom, but never EVER helpless. This country was founded on revolution…on a willingness to dream bigger and ensure the dreams of others find a place alongside. That all we have had to do in the past is vote is a blessing. But it is not what we came from. We came from a spirit of independence and dogged determination. And every generation has to fight for that. Let’s hope our responsibility ends at the same voting booth, agreeing to disagree… But let us be willing to find the courage to stand up and give a good account of ourselves — one that is as far from helpless as the moon because it is ideas that outlast everything. Let freedom ring. Start with voting.

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  3. I tweeted your post, Becky, because I know getting people out to vote in your next election is of immense importance. The outcome is also of huge significance to your friends around the world – more so than I can ever remember. Democracy may not be perfect but it’s far better than any alternatives that spring to mind. Good luck with galvanizing the electorate! πŸ‘

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  4. Thanks for this email. I just went to the website and they say they have completed their goal. I also love the Iris Dement song. I long for the ‘good ole days” when we disagreed on policy, not fitness for office.

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  5. Thank you for spreading the word on how to get involved. I just sent letters to voters in Texas who are registered to vote but didn’t vote in the last election. It was sponsored by my sister-in-law’s Unitarian Church. All my life I’ve canvased whatever neighborhood I was living in at the time from Barack Obama back to George McGovern when I was 16 and couldn’t even vote yet. Now with coronavirus that isn’t happening this year but there are plenty of ways to help.

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