Leaders of the Pack

Lake Superior in Upper Michigan

While living in Upper Michigan, I had the opportunity to observe some rather unusual wildlife, including foxes and black bears. At times, the experiences felt a little too close for comfort!

An early spring walk near a Lake Superior beach offered one such encounter. A face-to-face meeting with an indeterminate species brought about a rather humorous situation, which I recently chronicled in my short story, “Much Different Animal.” I’m happy to say that my tale now appears in the U.P. Reader Volume 4!

The book has stories and poetry by authors who live in the Upper Peninsula or who, like me, have ties to that beautiful area. I asked those interested in winning a copy of this bookΒ to let me know in the comments. Out of a shoebox, I drew Maria Donovan at Facts and Fiction as the slip for the lucky winner! Thanks to all who entered, and I’ll be sure to post the story as soon as the rights revert to me.

Finally, with the title of this post, I just couldn’t resist the following video:)

47 thoughts on “Leaders of the Pack

  1. Congratulations, Becky, on another published work. The song is amusing, especially the “candy store” since we don’t really have those much any more πŸ™‚ We still have motorcycles and gangs and disapproving parents. Bears are terrifying, but we have many elusive fox in my city throughout the green, wooded spaces along Lake Michigan. I can’t wait to read your harrowing story!

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  2. Do enter me in the contest Becky. If it’s available on line I’d like to read your story. I’ve been to the UP only once on a work trip to a brake testing site. The snow was literally over my head! Nice work getting published.

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  3. I have quite a fondness for this place I’ve never been. I’m snacking on dried cherries from the area right now, and if I were told I only could order from one online store, it would be American Spoon. I’d love to read your story about life there; please do enter my name.

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    1. Interesting you should mention that! My brother and sister-in-law, who still live in Michigan, send me a Christmas gift from American Spoon each holiday season:) Thanks, Linda, and you’re added to the list for the drawing!

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  4. I remember bursting into tears when I first heard Leader of the Pack – but then, I was quite little and this was back when it was first a hit… It certainly brought back many memories:)). And huge congratulations on being published!

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