Talking with Kids about Racism

From Center for Racial Justice in Education:


There’s a ton of resources linked here for parents, grandparents, teachers, and other caring adults, to help guide their communication with the kids they care about.          ~Becky

29 thoughts on “Talking with Kids about Racism

  1. A VERY timely post, Becky. Thank you for linking to all this great information. Like millions of others, I’m just sick thinking about the brutal police killing of George Floyd, and all the other times white police officers have murdered African-American men and women.

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  2. Now, if only we could find some resources that would be effective with adults. There are a lot of people of good will who are trying, but it seems to be increasingly difficult to communicate.

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  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the last few days. I believe it’s wise to engage in age-appropriate topics of discussion with children. I feel that by looking the other way, we become part of the problem, and children are far more capable of understanding than we sometimes give them credit.

    One of the things that struck me the most about young children when I was teaching was how they don’t see color in their interactions with others. They are so innocent and accept everyone as they are. All they want is to be friends. Adults should watch children and learn the most basic of lessons.

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  4. Good references. It boggles my mind that in this day and age we need to consider race in any discussion. We should have been way beyond this by now. Knowing that we are not I have to applaud your help in this area.

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  5. Excellent and timely post. I remember as a new college graduate at my first job in San Diego, a Navy chief petty officer, last name, Garcia called himself a taco bender and had to explain the self proclaimed ethnic slur to me
    I had gone to high school on RI and college in VA so prejudice against Hispanics was new to me. We have to be taught how to hate and be prejudiced.

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  6. Very timely post, Becky. I am getting the message “Resource Limit Is Reached” when I try to access so I will check back. I actually find that to be a hopeful message. What if so many people are trying to learn better ways to engage with this topic so we can overcome racism? That would be a beautiful thing. Thank you.

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