Collectible Stickers from Roller Rinks of the Past with “Atlas Obscura”

Growing up in the small town of Tawas City, Michigan, in the early to mid-1960’s, Friday night at the East Tawas Rollerdrome was THE place to go! My best friend, Jean, and I practiced skating without falling down and flirting with boys who were also trying to act cool and make it around the rink without hitting the wooden floor. If I close my eyes, I can still hear the rumble of wheels, smell the dust, and also hear the corny music, which thankfully evolved into “by request,” for teens who were willing to bring their own records from home. Here’s an image of the sticker from that establishment of long ago.rollerdrome

Now, on to the great article at “Atlas Obscura” that initiated this blast from the past!       ~Becky

10 thoughts on “Collectible Stickers from Roller Rinks of the Past with “Atlas Obscura”

  1. That sounds so much fun, I would have been there. We had roller skates ( not boots, adjustable with straps to go over our shoes ) to play out on in our pre teen years, up and down the road and garden paths – if they were smooth enough. I always had grazes on my knees.

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    1. Yes! I also had some outdoor, metal skates that went over shoes. They were the kind that had straps AND a special key for help tightening onto the shoes. I was always losing my roller skate key. We skated on the sidewalks in our neighborhood. What fun!

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  2. I remember going to both ice and roller skating rinks as a young person – I lived in Seattle, where it rained most of the time, so indoor activities were on 🙂 Also remember after moving to Utah, skating on the lake, which unlike the rink, had bumpy ice! 🙂 Enjoyed this post!

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