Lax on Taxes

I Really Should Work on My Taxes


Sleeping in was so fine,

with sweet dreams intertwined.

My black coffee was strong,

and I lingered too long.

To the store I will drive

and buy this week’s supplies.

I will take out the trash,

with the boxes all smashed.

Pluck the weeds from my flowers,

before getting rain showers.

I will write a new story,

as I aim for that glory.

Nudge some grime with my duster,

as I zoom that Dust Buster.

I will then call my sister,

who avoided a twister!

Take a walk in the sun

and gulp water when done.

I will edit a tale,

freelance work without fail.

Cook my dinner so tasty,

with air fryer so hasty.

Choose a show I can stream

with a snack of my dreams.

And those taxes can wait

until near the due date!

As an independent contractor who does freelance editing and writing through Upwork, completing my taxes each year feels a bit complicated, and I dread it. But, as is often the case, writing about something that’s on my mind can help me look at the issue in a more positive way. After working on this poem, I saw my way clear to get my taxes done and out of the way!

40 thoughts on “Lax on Taxes

  1. Ha! A friend and I were talking tonight about our determination to get those things done tomorrow and Friday, since it’s going to be raining. She’s a varnisher, too, and gets as frustrated as I do when work deadlines loom but work’s impossible. Gray, gloomy days seem the perfect setting for tax work!

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  2. That was fun! Yep, I do my taxes in January since I will probably get a refund and now that I’m retired and the standard deduction is more than my itemized deduction, is so easy. BIG change! I’m glad you got on it.

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  3. Income tax isn’t due here in Canada until May 1st this year, because April 30th is a Sunday, so I have lots of procrastination room yet. But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe that will be an opportunity. Tax time shouldn’t coincide with the beginning of gardening season!

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  4. Taxes are so complicated!! They really don’t need to be, and it would be so much easier on everyone if they were simpler, but that never seems to happen. I don’t blame you for putting it off!

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