Books in the Square

Little Free Library in the Square!

Almost two years ago, I shared an article about the passing of a man, Todd Bol, who began the Little Free Library movement. His story is very inspirational, so please check that out if you don’t already know about him!

At the time, I looked online to see if any Little Free Libraries were located near me, but found none. Time marches on, and now my “neighborhood” offers two! The one above appears to have more traffic and turnover in books. But the one below is located in such a picturesque spot, near the Heritage area that includes a museum and several historic buildings.

Another Little Free Library!



The museum, pictured in the middle, above, also sells books written about Texas history and this area of the state. A beautiful city library graces the Square, shown at the end of the street, in the drone photo, below. The library has now partially reopened, amid the pandemic, and continues to offer curbside book pickup.

The days are currently very hot, here, in Texas. My walks have been moved back to the early morning hours just as the sun is rising. I often stop by one or both of the Little Free Libraries to check out the offerings. Sometimes I take a few books I’ve finished reading to add. I’m also partnering with Violet’s Vegan Comics, by dropping off a few of the books they wanted to share with others. For example, the moving selection shown in the middle, below, tells about two pigs who find their freedom!

Not sure what I would do without books and writing, during these challenging times! Hope this finds you all well!                                              ~Becky


58 thoughts on “Books in the Square

  1. Lovely, Becky. Here in the UK we have free book exchanges in station waiting rooms sometimes and in some cafes, places like that. It’s always an uplifting thing to find and, as you say, they need to be fed as well as taken from. All the very best through this difficult time.

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  2. I’d never seen one of these little libraries until I started going to East Texas. There’s one across from the Big Thicket Visitor Center. As you might imagine, it contained several books about history, geology, and such, but there also was some fiction.

    The most unique one I’ve seen is in the Dallas area. I’ve not seen it personally, but a friend who lives in that area posted a photo of it early in this pandemic craziness. I surely did laugh when I saw it.

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  3. Friends of mine in NE Pennsylvania somehow laid hands on an old style British telephone booth, which they converted into a Little Free Library for their neighborhood. I just love the idea. A farmstead near us has one for children’s books. I think they’re marvelous!

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  4. How exciting that you have not one, but two, little free libraries by you. Our local libraries are just starting to open as well. Fingers crossed that readers are a well-behaving group and our libraries will not be shut again. Cheers to reading and books!

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  5. While travelling I sometimes come across little libraries like this, or book swap stations. As I take books with me on trips, I always have something to leave in place of what I take.

    Of course travelling isn’t something I’m doing at the moment, so I’ve relied more heavily on my local official library. During lockdown they’ve offered a contactless collection service, with books being ordered by genre. It’s been quite exciting to see what I’ve been loaned.

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  6. Those little libraries sound fantastic! Some moms in our neighborhood have started one for the kids–which was great timing during the pandemic. Like you, I believe it has been nice to have reading and writing hobbies to fall back on during this time. Cheers!

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      1. Yes – eggs are the tricky one. I have found a number of egg-free recipes for cakes and also found an egg substitute that works to make a decent sponge, too. It’s all a journey, though:))

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  7. Becky: thank you for this uplifting post. Little Free Libraries are such a welcome addition to our neighborhoods. Books allow us to travel in our minds and take flight. Most appropriate nowadays when few people are willing to risk a crowded airplane, right?

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  8. Victoria, British Columbia, where I live, has many little free libraries. Recently I heard about a fellow who visits some of them and redistributes or adds books. Being a former librarian, I really ought to have one in front of my house.

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