Advocacy Alert from the ALA: Urge Congress to #FundLibraries

This is a copy of an alert from the ALA that I received today through email. For those of you in the U.S., thanks for reading and acting!     ~Becky

As we announced last week, the White House has released its proposed FY2021 budget, and federal library funding has been completely eliminated. Libraries need your support, now more than ever. We need to make sure Congress knows how important this funding is.

Can you stand with libraries by emailing Congress to #FundLibraries?

As the campaign to fund our nation’s libraries continues, we can’t let Congress forget how much communities rely on their local libraries. Add your support now by letting your members of Congress know that you support library funding at the national level.

Please take two minutes to urge Congress to continue to #FundLibraries in FY2021?

These next few weeks will be integral to ensuring Congress continues to #FundLibraries. Keep your eyes open for more advocacy alerts from the ALA team as the budget process continues.

Thank you for standing with the library community,

ALA’s Public Policy & Advocacy Team

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ALA Public Policy & Advocacy Office
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Phone: (202) 628-8410

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22 thoughts on “Advocacy Alert from the ALA: Urge Congress to #FundLibraries

  1. Done! My Reps are on the right side. All pressure helps. Most people don’t bother so your one contact/ phone call is multiplied.

    And don’t forget to THANK those Reps who do support. We need to boost them too.

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  2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Becky. I have sent the email to my three Congressmembers. I probably shouldn’t be but I’m dumbfounded that anyone would propose to defund libraries. Literacy and access to information are the cornerstones of a democratic and just society. Defund libraries? Are you kidding me? I don’t get it.

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