Nancy Drew Re-Do?

Nancy Drew has certainly evolved over the years. Here’s an interesting article in The New York Times about the character’s history and a new television program. Seriously, though, why has no one come up with a Trixie Belden screen rendition?  Although I collect vintage editions of both series, Trixie will always be my favorite!                                             Becky

30 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Re-Do?

  1. When I taught fifth and sixth grade, some of my students got into my old collection of “The Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew.” The kids used to delight at the fashions on the covers, which were at least as old as their parents.

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  2. I also preferred Trixie to Nancy (much more down to earth and relatable), but Nancy was great too. I’m really looking forward to this new series, which I might very well have missed except for your post.

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    1. I also enjoyed Nancy Drew books. For me, I think it was partly the age I was when I first started reading these series. I could picture myself as Trixie, but not so much Nancy:) I’m going to try the TV series and see what it’s like!

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  3. I loved all those series books–from Nancy to the Hardy Boys to Trixie and Judy Bolton, student nurse. When we were shopping at the Vermont Country Store recently, I spotted a 1000-piece Nancy Drew jigsaw, and it took all of my inner strength not to buy it.

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    1. Angela, I agree that the books are always better. That’s probably at least partly why these screen versions of Nancy usually falter. Since this new one is being shown on the CW, they’re probably going for that young, edgy audience:) Worth a try, anyway!

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  4. Thanks for sharing this article, Becky – it’s fascinating. I’m interested to see Pamela Sue Martin is in the new re-boot – I remember her as Nancy Drew in the 70’s TV show (not to mention the original Fallon in “Dynasty”).

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  5. I much preferred Trixie Beldon as well! Nancy Drew depended too much on Father and Ned to rescue her. When I read the Nancy Drew books in the mid-1960s, they were quite dated–but for me, that was part of their appeal, that they depicted a different place and time.

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  6. I loved both Trixie and Nancy when I was a kid!! Both were what helped form my “girls can do anything” point of view – which was quite contrary to my Southern Baptist upbringing where all a girl was supposed to do was marry, cook, clean and have babies. I got in trouble for reading both Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew – but reading those books was worth the ire I risked for getting caught with them!!

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