Talking with Kids about the Holocaust

Detail from the cover illustration for the book Menorah in the Night Sky by Jacques J. M. Shore. Illustrated by S. Kim Glassman.
Menorah in the Night Sky by Jacques J.M. Shore

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is an important reminder to prepare for the challenge of exploring this topic with children. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum publishes a substantial list of books to share with kids. The Anne Frank House and Museum in Amsterdam offers educational materials geared toward young people of varying ages. I hope that you’ll check out both of these links for some helpful information!     ~Becky

Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam, Holland
Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, Holland (Pixabay)

32 thoughts on “Talking with Kids about the Holocaust

  1. Thanks for this post. I agree: it’s unbelievable that some people say the Holocaust never happened. I tend to think they say that to support some political or anti-semitic belief. All generations, now and future, need to be aware of the Holocaust,

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  2. Thank you for this post. Yes, love, acceptance and open-mindedness have to be actively taught to each generation. If these concepts are not taught then fear and ignorance rush in. Even once we know these concepts well we have to actively remember and practice them. Events that have occurred in history are how we remember and how remember to practice today.

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  3. That is such and important subject! I remember taking my daughter’s Girl Scout troop to the local Jewish Community Center to see their Holocaust Remembrance exhibit. Most of it was open to the children’s views, but a few of the photos were out of sight to anyone shorter than about five feet tall. As the docent told us, “some things are not for children’s eyes.” They got the message for sure, but they weren’t traumatized but things too mature for them to see.

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      1. I first learned about her in the book Les Parisienne by Anne Sebba, she’s talked about a bit in the book along with a number of other women. I highly recommend the book. Then I did some online research on her, there’s very little written about her, she never talked about her story.

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