Kids’ Books That Share True Stories of Native Peoples


Are you looking for ways to share more authentic stories about native peoples with your children, including the most troubling aspects? A Native children’s lit expert shares her top picks.

~ From Parent Map monthly magazine, written by Sharon Chang.

Source: Kids’ Books That Share True Stories of Native Peoples

31 thoughts on “Kids’ Books That Share True Stories of Native Peoples

  1. Yes, a great resource! Very nice. One of the most important attributes of modern literature about indigenous peoples, for adults and children, is to present them as living communities. There’s history and there’s contemporary culture. Indigenous people don’t ‘live’ in museums. As Liz suggests, the narrative portraying them as an exterminated people of the past who somehow deserved to be destroyed was just awful. We won’t even mention how horrible films were ‘back then’ either!

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  2. Again, thank you!
    Here in Canada we are still working on many issues in this regard.
    One of our First Nations reserves has run out of water, and the water they had was on a boil advisory for 25 years.

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  3. here in Oz we are very mindful of our indigenous artists; it is pleasing that they are represented in the Book Review section of our major dailies and their songs are given airplay on our radio stations. We still have debate about Australia Day

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